Our team at FSU Jena closely collaborates with the team of the Competitive Intelligence research group at Fraunhofer MOEZ.

Team at Jena University


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lutz Maicher is head of the group for technology
transfer research. He is computer scientist (PhD) with a strong background in the field of innovation and technologies. Besides his position at FSU, he is head of the research group "Competitive Intelligence" at the Fraunhofer MOEZ. His research area is the usage of data analytics techniques (data and text mining; as well visual analytics) for competitive intelligence applications. Before joining Fraunhofer he was head of a research group Topic Maps Lab at University of Leipzig dedicated to flexible data integration and analysis.

Room 3241
Phone +49-3641-9-46429
lutz.maicher uni-jena de

Publications of Lutz Maicher (Researchgate)
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 denisa-gibovic     Denisa Gibovic is the NIR-VANA project coordinator and researcher with the Technology Transfer Group. She has extensive professional experience in techbased business and R&D+i projects development and management.
Denisa has a degree in German Studies, Slavic and Political Sciences from the University of Vienna, Austria (1999), Masters in International Project Management from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria (2001) and Business Innovation and Technology Management for University of Girona (2008), as well as an International MBA from the La Salle BES, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona (2015).

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 KazimirMenzel.jpg     Kazimir Menzel is student assistant of the group for technology transfer research. He works as junior analyst and assistant to the group management. He currently pursues a bachelor's degree in mathematics at the Friedrich Schiller Universit├Ąt Jena.

Room 3241

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Former Team Members

 Sinah Schmid
    Sinah Schmid was student assistant at the group for technology transfer research until October 2015. She currently finishes her masters degree in the field of intercultural human resources development and communication at the Friedrich Schiller Universit├Ąt Jena

Team at Fraunhofer MOEZ

We are working closely wit the team of the Competitive Intelligence Research group at Fraunhofer MOEZ. Here you find a good overview of the team at Fraunhofer.