The Ecosystem of IPR Interest Groups

Within the last 20 years an ecosystem of influential interest groups related to IPR matters has been emerged. We have released a tracker of these IPR interest groups.

IPR, and especially patents, play an important role in the high-tech economy. Their original purpose as an incentive to invest in innovations, they are increasingly considered by companies as important intangible assets. They use these assets strategically, for example through blocking competitors to follow specific technological pathways. That aside, IPR assets gain more momentum as literals in IP finance. Paralleling the growing economic importance of IPRs, a whole ecosystem of IPR interest groups (lobbyists) has emerged. In an analysis of the IPR interest groups that we are already tracked in the IP Industry Base, we were surprised by the diversity of interests they represent. Having started to segment this field of lobbyists, we now can present a growing albeit incomplete tracker of IPR interest groups.

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