"Opportunities for Future – Digitisation"

A working group led by Dr. Marija Radic and Prof. Lutz Maicher at the Fraunhofer Center International Management and Knowledge Economy published a new guide on digitising small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Developed in collaboration with the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW), the HAGENagentur and wisnet e.V. under the curation of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the guide "Opportunities for Future - Digitisation" concisely presents the opportunities of digitisation for SMBs and the aspects that are important to consider, when switching to a digitised business model.

cover-broschuere-zukunftschance-digitalisierung,property=bild,bereich=md,sprache=de,width=164,height=233.1446723049732The guide links opportunities to the specific needs and strengths of SMBs and provides for each area examples of successful digitisation across the whole range of SMEs, from family companies in traditional markets to new economy models and start-ups. In the market, digitisation is a boon to new business models and outreach to customers in direct ways and beyond regional confines. The guide shows how digitisation maximises adaptability to customer demands through cheaper and more reliable management of business processes and its capacity to offer highly customised products at reasonable costs. And most important in a future of high mobility, the guide highlights how digitised recruiting broadens the recruiting base through new channels and assists in efficient distribution and durable preservation of knowledge among employees.

In order to support interested SMEs to reap the benefits from digitisation, the guide discusses the relevant aspects from technical to organisational solutions and from implementation to duration and best practices. SMEs benefit not only from food for thought, but are pointed to institutions, initiatives and associations to help them with the process of switching from an analog past to a digital future. Consequently, the guide concludes with a presentation of the most important data bases, search paths and addresses an SME can turn to, when it plans to digitise.

If you have considered taking the steps to a digitised future for your company or are in the middle of road and interested in new ideas, Prof. Maicher is happy to assist you with further information on where you can best address your questions and to provide you with a printed exemplary in German.

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