Big Data & Engergy Efficiency

On 11 May 2016, Prof. Maicher will give the keynote speech at the conference "Energy & Resource Efficiency" organised the Cluster IT Mitteldeutschland in Magdeburg.

In the quest for ever more efficiency in resource and energy use, IT and big data occupy a central role. Their application can range from the detection of saving potentials to the implementation of saving concepts, from reducing the energetic foot print of companies as well as their own, embodied through by big data centres. The conference "The Turn in Engery & Resource Efficency," organised by the cluster IT Mitteldeutschland on 11 May 2016 onside of the regiocom GmbH in Magdburg, investigates the potential for central German companies. Prof. Lutz Maicher will give the keynote speech on the topic "Data Gold for the Turn in Energy Efficiency?" discussing the possibilities offered by big data as future driver of innovation in efficiency.

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