• The Ecosystem of IPR Interest Groups
    Within the last 20 years an ecosystem of influential interest groups related to IPR matters has been emerged. We have released a tracker of these IPR interest groups.
    News from: 26.02.2016 19:00

  • Opportunities for Future – Digitisation
    News from: 25.11.2015 14:34

  • Lehrstuhlabend
    Prof. Lutz Maicher lädt Sie herzlich zum Lehrstuhlabend "Technologietransfer" am Mittwoch, den 25.11.2015, um 20:00 Uhr im Raum 3319 ein!
    News from: 13.11.2015 16:52

  • Check your Government
    Together with the Berlin newspaper DER TAGESSPIEGEL we have started a new research project which aims to investigate new ways in data journalism.
    News from: 02.11.2015 08:11

  • Patent is looking for founder: new start-up competition for students
    In a new start-up competition called "The Venture", which is supported by the "Servicezentrum für Forschung und Transfer" in Jena, students are given the opportunity to develop an already existing patent-protected technology into a complete business model.
    News from: 10.07.2015 12:32

  • Technology Transfer Research Group becomes member of Michael Stifel Center Jena
    On the 2nd of June 2015, the Technology Transfer Research group officially became a member of the Michael Stifel Center Jena for Data-Driven & Simulation Science.
    News from: 03.06.2015 18:29

  • Patents and Digital Market
    On March, 17th 2015 Liina Tonisson and Lutz Maicher participated on a one-day conference in Brussels on the role of patents for the digital single market. It was organized by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies of the Joint Research Center (JRC, European Commission).
    News from: 31.03.2015 21:03

  • Launch of the new European project PROGRESS-TT
    On the 20th of January 2015 the new project "PROGRESS-TT", in which Prof. Dr. Lutz Maicher and his team from Fraunhofer MOEZ will take part, was launched in Brussels.
    News from: 20.01.2015 10:18

  • Talk at the G-Forum on the 13th of November 2014
    On the 13th of November 2014, Prof. Dr. Lutz Maicher will give a talk at the 18th interdisciplinary entrepreneurship conference "Forum Gründungsforschung".
    News from: 28.10.2014 17:59

  • Workshop "Patent aggregation and its impact on competition and innovation policy”
    On the 25th of November 2014, Prof. Lutz Maicher will take part as an expert for patents in the workshop "Patent aggregation and its impact on competition and innovation policy” held by the European Patent Office (EPO).
    News from: 22.10.2014 16:32

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