Technology Transfer research at FSU Jena

Head: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lutz Maicher

The technology transfer research group is dedicated to the improvement of technology transfer processes. We design and implement innovative, data-driven tools for enhancing knowledge flows between and within organisations.

We understand technology transfer as strategic information management. We collect, analyse and visualize data with the goal of supporting decision making in the technology transfer processes.

Technology transfer is part of one of the biggest transformational processes the global economy is faced with: the metamorphosis into the knowledge economy. The importance of knowledged based capital is ever increasing. Understanding knowledge based capital and assessing its impact in concrete situations is crucial for successful technology transfer. We are working on methods and tools for improved mapping and assessment of knowledge based capital within the organisations and within their competitive environment.

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Research Areas

Within the context of the technology transfer practice, the research of the Technology Transfer Research Group is focused on the design of Technology Transfer Workflows and how these workflows can be supported with IT-based information systems. Read more about our research here.

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Gründungsbotschafter - Start-Up Ambassador

Have you ever thought of founding a start-up? Have you sometime felt overwhelmed by the abundance of aspects to keep in mind when founding your business? Prof. Lutz Maicher, Start-Up Ambassador at the Department of Computer Science is here to assist you. He will support you with your ideas for business, be they grown out of research or came to you during your studies.


Through his association with the K1 Founders' Service and his own research in the field of technology transfer and teaching experience with the units on startup founding, Prof. Maicher can assist in multitude of ways ranging from fitting your idea in a business canvas model to accessing his network in the startup scene of Jena.

As he teaches the course in founding, you are well positioned to benefit from the insights and competence in the highly selective pool of students in his classes as well. Do not hesitate to contact us under .

Haben Sie jemals darüber nachgedacht, Ergebnisse Ihrer Forschung oder Ideen aus dem Studium zu einem Geschäftsidee zu formen? Fühlen Sie sich durch die Komplexität der Gründung eines Start-ups verunsichert? Prof. Lutz Maicher ist Gründungsbotschafter am Institut für Informatik und unterstützt Sie gerne bei Ihrem Vorhaben. Sie können uns gerne unter kontaktieren.


RETHINK - Creativity meets Transfer - Bauhaus meets FSU

Bild Rethinnk TT_kleinCreativity is a driving force in both the economic and social development
of today's world. Innovative companies and organizations rely on using all creative potentials available in order to ensure their further development and to maintain their competitive position. The junior professorship for innovation and creativity management at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar, led by Oliver Mauroner, is concerned with the question of how creative potential can be managed and used in the development of innovative products. Therefore, Oliver Mauroner and his team work on both
theoretical and practical concepts used for the creation, development
and realization of creative ideas as a basis for innovative products,
services and processes. 

In the area of technology transfer, this kind of innovation is especially relevant since it implies the creation of new and unconventional ways which facilitate that new technologies find their way into the market. Bringing these two topics together synergetically, we work in close collaboration with our colleagues in Weimar in order to rethink creativity and transfer.

TT and the Fraunhofer Competitive Intelligence Group

Blog Big Data Center_kleinProf. Dr. Lutz Maicher not only manages the Junior Professorship for Technology Transfer at FSU Jena but also the Competitive Intelligence (CI) Group at the Fraunhofer Institute in Leipzig. Therefore, both groups work in close collaboration. The CI-group designs and implements innovative, data-based competitive intelligence processes. Their main project is the IP Industry base, a database that collects europe-wide information about patents. Recently, it has also established a big data center which informs about current news in it's blog (see picture on the left).


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The group is part of the
"Gründer- und Innovationscampus Jena-Weimar"
 as well as the "K1 Gründerservice".
 logo-moez   Prof. Dr. Lutz Maicher is heading the
"Competitive Intelligence Research"
group at Fraunhofer MOEZ in Leipzig. The work at FSU is closely interlinked with the research
at Fraunhofer.
We are member of iDiv the "German Centre for
Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)"
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  We work in close collaboration with the professorship for innovation and creativity management at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar.
  We are a member of the Michael Stifel Center Jena for Data Driven Simulation Science.

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